It's platform service created by SHAPL that is a professional Product team with production designer network, mass production infrastructure, and social media marketing skills.

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Product designers around the world want to be able to produce their own designs and make hit products but only 1% of all designers succeed because high risk of building production and sales infrastructure


Consumers all over the world want to buy their favorite design products at a reasonable price but almost of design products are high prices because consumption structure of centered on distribution companies


Through this service product designers can receive a royalty about their own designs with risk free just by uploading their designs


Manufactured products are sold at low prices through our exclusive online store and unified delivery system, globally sold and delivered.

SHAPL provides production and sales service of selecting and producing consumers’ favorite design among the participating ones.

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Because every inventive design should have its shot, and every creative entrepreneur should have their moment. Together, we can do anything.

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SHAPL is an excellent company recognized by the government and the city, and was established in 2012 as a company that designs, produces and distributes.
SHAPL has companies in Korea and the United States and China, so we are doing business more effectively in North America, Europe and Asia. In addition, through the trade with various countries, we know the process of each country's trade, so you can trade with any country with ease.
And we have excellent designers and factories that have acquired IS0.9001 and ISO.14000, and mass production of good design and high quality products.
SHAPL is launching its products through Kickstarter, a US cloud funding site. The company has launched products in 45 countries around the world for US $ 55,000 Sales were recorded.
SHAPL is growing today with high design quality, quality product manufacturing and safe trade.

SHAPL's platform picks up the design uploaded by the designer to the flat as a user's likable clicks. It is a service that is verified by pre-sales and then produced as an OEM through a specialized factory and sold online at an innovative price directly to consumers without intermediate distribution.

SHAPL is made of five belief keywords.
"S" is trust through Sincerity honesty,
"H" is communication through Harmony harmony,
"A" is vision through Ability ability,
"P" is pleasure through pleasure, and finally
"L" is love through love.
The company's slogan is "Like, Make, Sell".
With the growth of SHAPL, we will sell more "SUPER DESIGN" as more innovative "SUPER PRICE", and we will make it a pleasure for consumers.

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