FAQ Designer's

What is SHAPL's "Crowd Design Commerce"?

Crowd design is the world’s first product design B2C service where designers around the world can participate free of charge to produce and promote their own design. SHAPL produces and sells creative designs with number of “Likes” in 30 days on the website and the selected designers receive the 10% royalty per sale of product. For designs that are unproducible designs, a maximum of $100,000 will be rewarded depending on the number of likes. However, rewards and royalties will not be paid for simple promotions other than product production or design transfer.


What product design types can participate?

You can participate in all product designs such as living goods, electronics, fashion, mobile life, outdoor, and even vehicle products. You can also participate in the concept designs of each product line.

Can I participate by the design that is already manufactured designs, too?

You can also participate in SHAPL with the design that was manufactured. However, in the case of just promotions that are not for re-production or not for the purpose of selling inventories in SHAPL, no rewards or royalties will be paid according to the number of likes on your design.

What are the cautions for upload the design?

It’s important to upload your own design and express it in an image-driven way so that it’s best understood by consumers around the world who have different languages.

Who owns the copyright of the design?

If the designer of a selected design wish to receive a prize money as a reward or royalty, the ownership of the designs are transferred to SHAPL or the license is monopolized by SHAPL through a contract.

What is the protection policy for the participation design?

For selected designs, designers receive the registration service of the design patent by free of charge through the SHAPL Design Protection System. In addition, the competitive pricing of SHAPL through direct sales allows protection of the designers’ design based on the market principle.