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Cap Sterilizer

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    by Seunghyun Choi
    South Korea

What is it?

: The cap sterilizer is designed to remove the germs inside the PET bottle to reuse it safely.


Challenge Faced

What was the challenge that you faced in creating this product/project?

- Remove the sterilization of PET bottles

The strong point of a PET bottle is that it is recyclable.

However, other substances are put into the bottle without sterilizing inside the bottle in many cases.

It results in the danger of growing many different viruses and germs and can be critical risks to the health of people.

40,000 germs multiply fast in a PET bottle after a day.


Unique Design

How is this design unique or innovative, compared to other designs in this category?

-I made it so that it can be used for many PET bottles. Bacteria that can not be cleansed with detergent can be sterilized by steam and infrared rays.


User Experience

How does this design deliver a simple, intuitive or delightful user experience?

- Fix the cap sterilizer and start sterilization before reusing the PET bottle.

Reuse the PET bottle after finishing sterilization.



Benefit to Client

How does this design improve the client or manufacturer's profitability, brand reputation, employee morale, etc.?

-It is easy to see how much time is left without a clock and it eliminates the inconvenience of having to check the clock alternately.



Benefit to Society

How does this design benefit the greater good; consider society, the environment, culture, the economy, etc.?

-Many PET bottles that are discarded in one day can be reused by using a lid sanitizer. This can save a lot of money both economically and environmentally and can be a great help to the environment.

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