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Capsule stall

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  • JBE
    by boeun Jeong
    South Korea

Exterior design

It has a rollable awning screen which will help block sunshine, rain or snow a refrigerator and a rack that can store and display food respectively a stall that can hold magazines or newspapers for sale and be covered up with waterproof curtains from both sides after business hours for security a vent and an outdoor AC unit for effective ventilation and security shutters.

Its sunroof ceiling window lets users watch rain or snow falling and the round windows on either side of the capsule appeal to people’s emotions in a way that the typical rectangular windows cannot. When business hours are over, the sunroof ceiling window can be closed from both sides of inside.

Interior design

Inside the capsule, there are shelves for keeping and managing stock a desk, a chair and drawers properly placed in consideration of effective space use and convenience and LED lights around the ceiling window for decorative and power-saving purposes.

During manufacturing

For easier work, we divided the faces and drew weld lines first. We ensured the kiosk’s sturdiness by using stainless steel which is characterized by durability and rigidity.

Furthermore, based on superb processability of stainless steel, we could move away from the conventional rectangular form and instead produce an organic shape with extra fun and novelty.

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