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For People Chair

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  • for people
    by juhyeung jeon
    South Korea

It is not our fault that we could not sit properly on the chair.
In fact, we have been forced to sit in a correct posture on a chair that structurally does not allow the right posture.
To be an ergonomic chair, FOR PEOPLE CHAIR has made improvements in the three aspects below.

  1. Placing a foot or two on the knee rest makes a 130° angle between the spine and the thigh, keeping the curvature of the spine.
  2. The mesh fabric allows the pressure from the body to distribute evenly on the seat.
  3. The tilting structure of the seat and the back rest makes it possible to move naturally on the chair.

1. A chair which promotes the right posture.

2. A chair which promotes theright posture using the moving seat.

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