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Module - H

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  • ZANG.A
    by zang insoo
    South Korea

The integrated bookcase is uncomfortable to handle with a huge volume and produces a static space. Compartments of the same size lack the flexibility to accommodate various sizes of books and interior pieces.

Simplicity (Module-H) + Complexity (Various users) = Simplexity (Your own bookcase)

The design goal is to create a bookcase using a stainless steel module that is easy to handle and can be used for other purposes. Modules can be combined in longitudinal and transverse directions. The longitudinal combination allows you to store small books in two rows, front and back. The transverse combination allows you to store large books. It is possible to make an optimized storage space according to the combination direction, and it is possible to create a sensible space by the user by mixing a combination method. You will have your own bookcase that reflects user characteristics. The module can also be used as a stool.

Module Size : 360 X 360 X 360

Combination Method


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