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Timer Churner

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    by Seunghyun Choi
    South Korea

It is a utensil attached to a timer to keep stirring not to make food burned.

When parents make baby food or soup, they should stay around the pot for long to prevent sticking or improve its flavor and taste. Moreover, parents who need to feed their baby should make food and take care of the baby at the same time. It is an inefficient use of time and space, and to make matters worse, it causes pains on their wrist, waist, and legs.

General churners are in the shape of stick to be held by hand or have batteries in them. However, if they are close to heat, they are at risk of explosion. As Timer Churner is attached to a timer to keep stirring automatically, it is free from the risk of explosion and the limitation of time and space. As it is made of stainless steel resistant to heat, it can be used on strong flames and for hot food, and it is also excellent in terms of hygiene. In addition, as it has a weight, it can keep constantly stirring food not falling down in the pot.

Before cooking food set the timer considering the expected time of cooking. And put it in the center of the pot. Then, its tripod will start rotating clockwise, and it will make a sound ‘ding’ at the end of the set time and the timer will stop simultaneously. Then, take out Timer Churner.

Timer Churner keeps stirring food automatically in the pot for the set time to prevent sticking and burning. In addition, with it, a mother who has to take care of her baby can also prevent pains on her wrist, waist, and legs as she does not have to stick around the pot not to make food burned. So she can focus on her baby even more. This will improve her quality of life and allow her to be free from the limitation of time and space.

If we get distracted while stirring food, the bottom of a pot and the food inside will be burned. With Timer Churner that can keep stirring food, we can prevent a pot and food from being burned and use time and space effectively. In general, this will contribute to economic and environmental improvements as well as the quality of life.

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