In the square frame, various patterns are filled with emotions, thoughts, habits and values. When it comes together with the tree, it expresses me

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design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b21bbb4.jpg
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b21bbb4.jpg"
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b22fe31.jpg
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b22fe31.jpg"
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b246fc9.jpg
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b246fc9.jpg"
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b25b470.jpg
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b25b470.jpg"
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b2703ec.jpg
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b2703ec.jpg"
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b28b00a.jpg
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b28b00a.jpg"
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b2a0a28.jpg
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b2a0a28.jpg"
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b2b646e.jpg
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b2b646e.jpg"
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b2c9ae3.jpg
design&draw 201812/21993_5c8059b2c9ae3.jpg"

Project title

This chair is a bar stool. The back of the chair was not beautiful. I decided to make a piece to make the chair look beautiful. That's the chair I made. There are still three patterns and there is a difficulty with the wood carving. And I want to make a nice picture with a work other than a piece in a square frame

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    37 x 38 x 75
  • Product Materials
    wood(walnut, cheery, maple), brass

How We Work

how we work
  • Step1 : LIKE.We award designs according to consumer preferences.
  • Step2 : MAKE.Awarded winning designs are produced by SHAPL.
  • Step3 : SELL.We sell directly to consumer with affordable price.