eunhee Lee
eunhee Lee

For a comfortable and elegant teatime, we made shoes of the princess character to be the infuser

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eunhee Lee 201812/21958_5c8059bf69d48.jpg"

Project title

If the tea material comes out well through hole of the shoe, you can enjoy delicious tea after remove the infuser How to use? 1. Input the tea materials into the shoe shape infuser 2. Place the infuser which holds tea materials in the cup 3. Pour the hot water into the cup 4. After 30 seconds, remove the shoe shape infuser from the cup 5. You can enjoy tasteful tea

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    10.5 x 4 x 6
  • Product Materials
    princera shoes infuser

How We Work

how we work
  • Step1 : LIKE.We award designs according to consumer preferences.
  • Step2 : MAKE.Awarded winning designs are produced by SHAPL.
  • Step3 : SELL.We sell directly to consumer with affordable price.