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fused branch
fused branch

furniture is not a product but wood's other forms.

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fused branch 201812/21934_5c805990b9795.png
fused branch 201812/21934_5c805990b9795.png"
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fused branch 201812/21934_5c805990d2cfb.png"
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fused branch 201812/21934_5c805990ec41b.png"
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fused branch 201812/21934_5c80599111c7a.jpeg"
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fused branch 201812/21934_5c80599122b03.jpg"

Project title

furniture is not a produce but woods other form. Two trees are combined as 'Fused tree'. there are trees as growing from each root. They are growing together at very near space. More and more grow their branches are combined. We can call they are Fused tree. As you can see my furniture, there are two things of pillar, one face from upside to downside. they are explaining Fused trees fused branch. Whole shape seems like only one branch so they are connected from one sides face to opposite face .


The working concept for this piece is that there is no division between both ends. I connected the starting and end point, made by one type of wood. I wanted to express wooden furniture through this connection.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    700 x 320 x 780
  • Product Materials

How We Work

how we work
  • Step1 : LIKE.We award designs according to consumer preferences.
  • Step2 : MAKE.Awarded winning designs are produced by SHAPL.
  • Step3 : SELL.We sell directly to consumer with affordable price.