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    bykoikoi Republic of Korea

playground rug
playground rug

Featuring a striking figurative design in a cool contemporary palette, this hand-tufted piece is made in India with best-quality New Zealand wool, mea

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playground rug 201812/21948_5c805996b3949.jpg
playground rug 201812/21948_5c805996b3949.jpg"
playground rug 201812/21948_5c805996c7308.jpg
playground rug 201812/21948_5c805996c7308.jpg"
playground rug 201812/21948_5c805996d8e24.jpg
playground rug 201812/21948_5c805996d8e24.jpg"
playground rug 201812/21948_5c805996ead8e.jpg
playground rug 201812/21948_5c805996ead8e.jpg"
playground rug 201812/21948_5c80599710177.jpg
playground rug 201812/21948_5c80599710177.jpg"

Project title

The beautiful Rug is designed to reinterpret bright and bold patterns found from the group Memphis, which was formed by Italian artists in the early 80s. This is from a modern that has sophistically been created into playground.It shows KoiKois concepts which are inspired by motifs found in our day to day lives, as well as unique senses of colors.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    80 x 2 x 80
  • Product Materials

How We Work

how we work
  • Step1 : LIKE.We award designs according to consumer preferences.
  • Step2 : MAKE.Awarded winning designs are produced by SHAPL.
  • Step3 : SELL.We sell directly to consumer with affordable price.