It is a light, not just piece of wood. it gives communion with nature in gaunt life.

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Spritree 201812/21946_5c805998034e9.jpg
Spritree 201812/21946_5c805998034e9.jpg"
Spritree 201812/21946_5c805998153be.jpg
Spritree 201812/21946_5c805998153be.jpg"
Spritree 201812/21946_5c8059982a3ae.jpg
Spritree 201812/21946_5c8059982a3ae.jpg"
Spritree 201812/21946_5c80599842ce2.jpg
Spritree 201812/21946_5c80599842ce2.jpg"
Spritree 201812/21946_5c80599857216.jpg
Spritree 201812/21946_5c80599857216.jpg"
Spritree 201812/21946_5c8059986cf82.jpg
Spritree 201812/21946_5c8059986cf82.jpg"
Spritree 201812/21946_5c8059988317e.jpg
Spritree 201812/21946_5c8059988317e.jpg"
Spritree 201812/21946_5c805998971ad.jpg
Spritree 201812/21946_5c805998971ad.jpg"
Spritree 201812/21946_5c805998a9f48.jpg
Spritree 201812/21946_5c805998a9f48.jpg"
Spritree 201812/21946_5c805998c73f5.jpg
Spritree 201812/21946_5c805998c73f5.jpg"

Project title

Spritree (Sprite + Tree) is a house in which sprites of tree live in living space of modern people. As Sprite of tree lives in Spritree that looks like dead wood, it gives communion with nature in gaunt life. At daytime as an objet or night as a light, it provides varieties of natural values to us. Please Move Spritree into your space!

Merit of Spritree

1. Made with real sliced veneer You can see real wood texture. 2. Using USB 5V LED You can use it with laptop or smart phone battery, or in a car. 3. Different on/off system Common switch, Touch sensor, proximity sensor, and so on. 4. Able to apply to any wooden product design Such as furniture and interior.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    5.6 x 5.6 x 21
  • Product Materials
    Sliced veneer, acrylic, LED

How We Work

how we work
  • Step1 : LIKE.We award designs according to consumer preferences.
  • Step2 : MAKE.Awarded winning designs are produced by SHAPL.
  • Step3 : SELL.We sell directly to consumer with affordable price.