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    byAIR S.F Republic of Korea

Tutu and Sanchez
Tutu and Sanchez

AIR S.F is a plantpot with a story. They are Air cleaning special force from UNEP. They will fight with fine dust all over the house.

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Tutu and Sanchez 201812/12113_5c805967e1c92.jpg
Tutu and Sanchez 201812/12113_5c805967e1c92.jpg"
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Tutu and Sanchez 201812/12113_5c805967f32cc.jpg"
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Tutu and Sanchez 201812/12113_5c8059680f8f4.jpg"
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Tutu and Sanchez 201812/12113_5c80596820894.jpg"
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Tutu and Sanchez 201812/12113_5c8059683934a.jpg"

Project title

Tutu and Sanchez are soldier of the UNEP Air Clean Special Forces. they dispatched to South Korea after receiving special orders from UNEP, which felt the severity of the dust crisis. they will perform mission of lowering the concentration of fine dust in Korean households and fighting against fine dust.

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