SHAPL Design Contest


This is how SHAPL works.
We intend to offer quality products that you want at incredibly affordable price.

SHAPL Design Contest will present your design to the international market through SHAPL’s global platform. Make your design reach consumers' hands all over the world.

What is SHAPL
Design Contest?
SHAPL invites you to participate in the SHAPL Design Contest. By uploading your portfolio that has been buried in your folders on SHAPL, you get a chance to discover the value of your creativity. Additionally, one special winner’s design will be chosen to go into production and be sold around the world with SHAPL.
How to participate?
Simply post any product design of your own including : Product design, furniture, household goods, accessories, stationery, etc. SHAPL Design Contest allows you to upload your designs and earn money through a number of likes. To participate in the contest, you need to understand SHAPL’s unique rewards system. You can choose one of two rewards systems as you upload your design, the redeem system and the royalty system. There is no limit to the number of entries per person. Please refer to for overall concept.
What are the
winners’ benefits?
The winners will have commercialization eligibility.
If there is a design that we want to produce, the designer will get a ‘Special Selection Winner’ and the design will be produced by us.
Why SHAPL Design
1 There is no cost to enter the contest.
2 There is no jury for this contest.
3 SHAPL let consumers evaluate (like) your designs.
4 There is no strict adjudication criteria.
5 Therefore, the possibilities are endless.
How to win?
Just get likes.