KLAR Air Purifier
KLAR Air Purifier

KLAR air purifier presents new usability with detachable fabric cover filter, improved portability, and consideration for the environment.

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 KLAR Air Purifier 202101/36739/laf0z2KYcFfk5202101081235481.jpg
KLAR Air Purifier 202101/36739/laf0z2KYcFfk5202101081235481.jpg"
 KLAR Air Purifier 202101/36739/hT0IUR3VRNpBL202101081235399.jpg
KLAR Air Purifier 202101/36739/hT0IUR3VRNpBL202101081235399.jpg"
 KLAR Air Purifier 202101/36739/Gz6Ib0vjZjLHg202101081233287.jpg
KLAR Air Purifier 202101/36739/Gz6Ib0vjZjLHg202101081233287.jpg"
 KLAR Air Purifier 202101/36739/M3xpig2Fhyu3c202101081233429.jpg
KLAR Air Purifier 202101/36739/M3xpig2Fhyu3c202101081233429.jpg"
 KLAR Air Purifier 202012/36739/QClwe6rPlpNLS202012181244241.jpg
KLAR Air Purifier 202012/36739/QClwe6rPlpNLS202012181244241.jpg"
 KLAR Air Purifier 202012/36739/3be1DXw0jIvJH202012181246106.jpg
KLAR Air Purifier 202012/36739/3be1DXw0jIvJH202012181246106.jpg"

KLAR Air Purifier

Air purifier has become essential product in the face of air pollution these days. However, it is pretty ironic that we don't care much about environmental issues when we produce and use the products. In this context, I designed KLAR air purifier that focuses on the basic purification function and can be used for a long time with minimal negative impact on the environment. KLAR air purifier uses fabric cover filters and HEPA filter inside to double clean-up the air. Fabric cover filters function like a mask, primarily filtering out large particles in the air, such as dust and pet hair. This not only purifies the air effectively, but also allows the main HEPA filter to be used longer, ultimately reducing the amount of filters discarded in the long term. Besides, fabric cover filters can be washed several times or replaced, making it easy to manage cleanness. KLAR has simple shape with a fabric cover filters attached back and forth, and strap handle located on the side. The strap handle's slim design blends into the product and can be adjusted as it is carried. Overall, KLAR's minimal design harmonizes with the home interior and allows people to freely change the color of fabric cover filter to suit their space and taste.

More Design Details

People often place air purifiers near the space where they stay. The strap handle, charging function and light weight structure improve portability, making it easier for people to lift and place air purifier near them. By focusing on essential functions, the structure could be simplified, easily assembled and facilitated the replacement of filters. It also used minimal plastic creating a stable structure. The light coming out from the top of the air purifier shows the indoor air condition visually. The color is blue when indoor air is clean, and gradually turns into red through yellow when the air quality becomes bad.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    21 x 21 x 35.5
  • Product Materials
    Plastic, PP, Fabric, LED


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