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ANIMO 202012/36438/8209c22014b6918c2ebecad52ddf94c4202012172350579.jpg
ANIMO 202012/36438/8209c22014b6918c2ebecad52ddf94c4202012172350579.jpg"
ANIMO 202012/36438/95949b15bb57c8eced3c2b7c35e18286202012172351060.jpg
ANIMO 202012/36438/95949b15bb57c8eced3c2b7c35e18286202012172351060.jpg"
ANIMO 202012/36438/d0c7b4c799dde6ae4f3239d1c16da8f2202012172351126.jpg
ANIMO 202012/36438/d0c7b4c799dde6ae4f3239d1c16da8f2202012172351126.jpg"
ANIMO 202012/36438/b3c46869d7622e3fd4a153d2c3d9bdc5202012172351199.jpg
ANIMO 202012/36438/b3c46869d7622e3fd4a153d2c3d9bdc5202012172351199.jpg"
ANIMO 202012/36438/960445484ccdb5e85f4bc7b71bf2fce9202012172351303.jpg
ANIMO 202012/36438/960445484ccdb5e85f4bc7b71bf2fce9202012172351303.jpg"
ANIMO 202012/36438/8a1ccb6d8abcf84cde07fba3605d8910202012172351401.jpg
ANIMO 202012/36438/8a1ccb6d8abcf84cde07fba3605d8910202012172351401.jpg"
ANIMO 202012/36438/1416f7392c10715652fbb555ed5031ca202012172351471.jpg
ANIMO 202012/36438/1416f7392c10715652fbb555ed5031ca202012172351471.jpg"
ANIMO 202012/36438/510cbdae241ed55558a045ffa098a3c0202012172351554.jpg
ANIMO 202012/36438/510cbdae241ed55558a045ffa098a3c0202012172351554.jpg"
ANIMO 202012/36438/430491b99c61bc3fa6fc37730d83600a202012172353025.jpg
ANIMO 202012/36438/430491b99c61bc3fa6fc37730d83600a202012172353025.jpg"


During COVID 19 we lack personal contacts and feel disconnected from our friends, families, and workplace. Even during video calls, we miss eye contact, mimic, and gestures of the other participants. Body language is such an important factor in human communication. That is why we created ANIMO. The ANIMO Smart Speaker enables you to speak face to face like you would do when meeting people in real life. With its hidden under-screen camera technology, it drastically improves eye contact during calls and meetings. The distracting Webcam is eliminated and only the face of the person speaking is shown on the screen. With its integrated speaker, microphone, and screen it is the perfect smart speaker too. Use googles voice assistant. Or play your favorite music, use widgets like a watch.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    10 x 10 x 16
  • Product Materials
    Recycled Plastic and Fabric


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