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    byMEARI Republic of Korea

Chess Pick
Chess Pick

Chess Pick is an interesting party fork that is associated with the image of playing chess.

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Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac0633ca.jpg
Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac0633ca.jpg"
Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac075043.jpg
Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac075043.jpg"
Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac08a542.jpg
Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac08a542.jpg"
Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac0a5296.jpg
Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac0a5296.jpg"
Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac0b7db6.jpg
Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac0b7db6.jpg"
Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac0d1d9a.jpg
Chess Pick 201812/133/133_5c805ac0d1d9a.jpg"

Project title

It is a great pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Jin-won Heo and I am passionate about coming up with ideas and creating them. Whenever I meet with my girlfriend, we always visit stores with various design product and idea product as our date course. Every time I visit, I always look forward to which new products are released and I also experience and closely observe different products and gain new ideas from them. This is how much I love creative thinking and activities. Just like the meaning of my Korean name, I am continuously challenging myself and exerting efforts to become a starter of design.

Product Information

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    1 x 1 x 4.5
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