Chubby Sloth
Chubby Sloth

The Chubby Sloth is a simple and cute but practical clothes pegs basket. It hangs out on the clothes line wherever you need it.

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Chubby Sloth 201807/12001_5c8058f5c6e8b.jpg
Chubby Sloth 201807/12001_5c8058f5c6e8b.jpg"
Chubby Sloth 201807/12001_5c8058f5dd803.jpg
Chubby Sloth 201807/12001_5c8058f5dd803.jpg"

Project title

Whoever has to frequently hang clothes for drying knows that there is a need for a clothes-pegs storage container. My design brings a little bit of joy to this repetitive process. It is a lazy, slightly overweight sloth filled with clothes-pegs, that conveniently hangs out on the line wherever it is needed. The claws hook securely to the line so that not even the strongest wind can unsettle the sloth. It holds at least eighty clothes-pegs and is made of durable plastic that won't fade or decay. There are a few drain holes on its back so that no water can collect inside the sloth.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    approx. 23x21x14 cm
  • Product Materials
    Blow molded PP or PE


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