guru is a concept for a universal attachable posture corrector that is both pragmatic and sleek.

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guru 202012/36592/a8fa7dbc118ed2a075fc4d0bfc1539cb202012110555551.jpg
guru 202012/36592/a8fa7dbc118ed2a075fc4d0bfc1539cb202012110555551.jpg"
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guru 202012/36592/0307ff296fd21d3d49f9e16c07ca2d46202012110556161.jpg"
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guru 202012/36592/83f1cc4b973e8dfe604c99ca0d62a34f202012110556291.jpg"
guru 202012/36592/74763bc996dd6134f893e391c8ee5a18202012110556420.jpg
guru 202012/36592/74763bc996dd6134f893e391c8ee5a18202012110556420.jpg"
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guru 202012/36592/702c91a648876535025f424eb9cf8d83202012110557165.jpg"
guru 202012/36592/bfbfc7141451fd82b3a3df7a850f92af202012110557292.jpg
guru 202012/36592/bfbfc7141451fd82b3a3df7a850f92af202012110557292.jpg"
guru 202012/36592/23dba0b8e119e8501b984cc4fee22847202012110557433.jpg
guru 202012/36592/23dba0b8e119e8501b984cc4fee22847202012110557433.jpg"
guru 202012/36592/4cccb1d7063b9f88bf8e0ac362864ec0202012110557597.jpg
guru 202012/36592/4cccb1d7063b9f88bf8e0ac362864ec0202012110557597.jpg"
guru 202012/36592/a6b27426c961ed94ffc0b1b81ee7f669202012110558062.jpg
guru 202012/36592/a6b27426c961ed94ffc0b1b81ee7f669202012110558062.jpg"

guru - A Universal Posture Corrector to Reverse WF

guru is a concept for a universal attachable posture corrector that is both pragmatic and sleek. Since 2007, the average American has spent at least 6.5 hours a day sitting and this staggering number does not even take social distancing and shelter-in-place orders into account. Today, millions of people are not only spending even more time sitting every day, but we are also developing bad posture habits by hunching over our computer screens. This new reality is literally a pain in the neck! My goal was to design a wearable that is universal and can be attached to different necklaces, or even to the collar of a shirt and inform the user of their incorrect posture. The aesthetic of the wearable was inspired by streamlined, wholesome forms to portray an elemental, sleek, and poised look. The selected colors and finish create a luxurious, neutral look that fits perfectly with a variety of necklaces, shirts, and lifestyles. Its replaceable battery and ease of disassembly enable users to repair and replace parts, prolonging the gurus lifetime. In contrast to other wearables, guru is meant to last.

My inspiration

It is during times like this, when we all have to adjust our lives to challenging new reality, that design can excel. I got the idea for guru when my girlfriend complained about back pains after working from home for several weeks. I was thrilled by that aha! moments when I realized the problem, learn a new behavior I didn't imagine before and got feedback on my design. This love drives me to design human-centered products that truly delight users.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    2.8 x 0.8 x 2.8
  • Product Materials
    ABS, Stainless Steel, Nylon


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