A pencil case / pencil stand inspired by the hammock hanging from the tree.

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Hammock 201812/21864_5c8059809475a.jpg
Hammock 201812/21864_5c8059809475a.jpg"
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Hammock 201812/21864_5c805980a7698.jpg"
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Hammock 201812/21864_5c805980bd628.jpg"
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Hammock 201812/21864_5c805980d34f2.jpg"
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Hammock 201812/21864_5c805980e8b28.jpg"
Hammock 201812/21864_5c8059810a761.jpg
Hammock 201812/21864_5c8059810a761.jpg"
Hammock 201812/21864_5c8059811f9b1.jpg
Hammock 201812/21864_5c8059811f9b1.jpg"

Project title

Hammock is a pencil case and pencil stand designed to get away from the usual wisdom of putting the stationary on the pencil stand and inspired by the hammock hanging on the tree. It consists of two parts: pedestal and pencil case. When the pencil case is placed on the pedestal, the hammock is caught on the tree. Users can use their pencil case as a pencil case at any time, and they can use it as pencil stand in their own work place, and can easily write it down as a pencil case by closing the zipper. Usually, you have a pencil case on your desk and carry it to the pencil case. This allows you to use your pencil case as a pencil case at any time, so you can organize your work desk more neatly. We hope that you will be able to feel the real hammock and feel at ease in the tired daily life even when you look at Hammock.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    20 x 6 x 6
  • Product Materials
    fabric, steel, etc

How We Work

how we work
  • Step1 : LIKE.We award designs according to consumer preferences.
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