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It is natural that the location of air purifiers depends on the user's lifestyle.

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Luft 201901/22981/22981_5c805ad487d59.jpg"
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Luft 201901/22981/22981_5c805ad49f915.jpg"

Project title

Generally, the devices we use have a fixed position at home. There is a TV in front of the sofa and a washing machine in front of the veranda. The refrigerator is in the kitchen and the air conditioner is in the living room. The air cleaner is usually fixed in the living room. There is usually one air cleaner in a household. The air cleaner zone has a clean area of about 15 to 18 pyeong. Most air cleaners are installed in large spaces, such as living rooms. For this reason, the living room has an air cleaner. However, the air cleaner in the living room has many difficulties cleaning up the surrounding air, such as the kitchen, study, and home room. It is natural that the location of air purifiers depends on the user's lifestyle. When moving the product, the user thought about making the air cleaner easier to use. When I went up the mountain, I wanted to express the part that touches the fog and the cool side of the contour with an air purifier. We design the narrower, wider area of the contour. It was expressed in such a way as to feel the flow of air in the house

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    25 x 60 x 60
  • Product Materials


Steve Joe Yoo188주 전


Sanghoon kang192주 전

Great Design and Idea !

김세인 193주 전

Everybody no comment..? This is weird...

Aakash Kiri193주 전


Hossam 193주 전

good work

신영철 194주 전

WOW! It is very remarkable,really cool

Cui Huicheng 194주 전

I need it.

eddy 194주 전

Great product

Eimy 194주 전

nice , simple, flexible. I hope it's made

JIN JU LEE195주 전

Need !

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