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  • Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI'

    byIJI Republic of Korea

Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI'
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI'

This design is for womens menstrual cup sterilizer product called IJI, which is made for the convenience of using menstrual cup.

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Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a8610a3.jpg
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a8610a3.jpg"
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a871b1f.jpg
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a871b1f.jpg"
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a882751.jpg
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a882751.jpg"
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a893f6d.jpg
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a893f6d.jpg"
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a8a379f.jpg
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a8a379f.jpg"
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a8b3f6f.jpg
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a8b3f6f.jpg"
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a8c72cf.jpg
Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 'IJI' 201812/21974_5c8059a8c72cf.jpg"

Project title

The starting point of this project began with uncomfortable experience that every woman has, including me.It is the management of menstrual cups. From several years ago, Korea has been facing issues such as environmental issues relating to disposable sanitary pads, high maintenance cost, and physical diseases relating to detection of carcinogens, etc. As a result, many women switched from disposable sanitary pads to using other multi-use menstrual goods and this also motivated myself to use menstrual cups as well. Menstrual cups are multi-use menstrual products that are more environmentally friendly than other products. It is also harmless to human bodies, because it uses medical silicone materials.In addition, it does not touch the skin for a longtime, and causes less irritation. However, there are also disadvantages in using menstrual cups.It is the inconvenience of having to sterilize, dry and storing them.There is no dedicated product to disinfect the menstrual cups, and it is not easy to dry after disinfection. Also, since there is no product for storing menstrual cups, people tend to use the bag of cotton material, etc. but due to the characteristics of the silicone material, it is difficult to store them hygienically because dust adheres to the material. To solve such problem, I would like to introduce this Aiji product, a menstrual cup sterilizer series. This design is composed of Aiji 01, which can sterilize with hot water, dry, and store at the same time, and Aiji 02, which you can easily carry and UV sterilize. By using this projects product, we hope that the use of it will give opportunities for women to make more choices in womens menstrual life. Aiji products will help women who want to use menstrual cups that are environmentally friendly and harmless to our body.

Look for a better life

This design is for womens menstrual cup sterilizer product called Iji, which is made for the convenience of using menstrual cup(sterilizing, drying and storing). Iji consists of two products: hot water sterilizer and portable ultraviolet sterilizer.The geometric simple form and the low saturated color composition were intended to increase its utilization as interior accessories even when not used.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    7 x 7 x 14
  • Product Materials
    PP, Stainless steel

How We Work

how we work
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