MXI Smart Microwave
MXI Smart Microwave

A subtle and refined design that creates a distinctive tone in the kitchen, essence and sign of a person oriented towards food well-being

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MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/c7f1719ac11fcecb473ef0a46eb52b34202012180613546.jpg
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/c7f1719ac11fcecb473ef0a46eb52b34202012180613546.jpg"
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/ca8c7c8e4100cb66aa2351c3fb9e27aa202012180614531.png
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/ca8c7c8e4100cb66aa2351c3fb9e27aa202012180614531.png"
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/e51f3b30463d728275bdd2313d875158202012180616141.png
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/e51f3b30463d728275bdd2313d875158202012180616141.png"
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/7f854a6b98c5285bef6773fcc3a8c12d202012180616290.png
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/7f854a6b98c5285bef6773fcc3a8c12d202012180616290.png"
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/e7afeee18eccef9de833243245be8379202012180616413.png
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/e7afeee18eccef9de833243245be8379202012180616413.png"
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/f63fdb667a3be370330c2028d0148b7e202012180616542.png
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/f63fdb667a3be370330c2028d0148b7e202012180616542.png"
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/aff5f1b5fd3b5d4f5ceab4a401c9d586202012180617112.jpg
MXI Smart Microwave 202012/36708/aff5f1b5fd3b5d4f5ceab4a401c9d586202012180617112.jpg"

Created to create your own wellness-creations

A design based on a deep analysis of the needs of a user oriented towards healthy eating and food consciousness Designed for those who are not satisfied with simply "heating food" or having a common microwave in the space of their life. A unique piece, distinctive representation of the new dietary lifestyles.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    470 x 312 x 295
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Davide Piersanti 16주 전

nice !

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