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    bySOUL Italy

Singing Sun
Singing Sun

This is a ceiling lamp with a speaker, the shape from the Sun, the speaker controlling by Wifi/Bluetooth for listening music and more.

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Singing Sun 201901/22950/22950_5c805ac8030c9.jpg
Singing Sun 201901/22950/22950_5c805ac8030c9.jpg"
Singing Sun 201812/22950/22950_5c805ac819d12.jpg
Singing Sun 201812/22950/22950_5c805ac819d12.jpg"
Singing Sun 201901/22950/22950_5c805ac82da60.jpg
Singing Sun 201901/22950/22950_5c805ac82da60.jpg"
Singing Sun 201901/22950/22950_5c805ac840817.jpg
Singing Sun 201901/22950/22950_5c805ac840817.jpg"
Singing Sun 201901/22950/22950_5c805ac85328a.jpg
Singing Sun 201901/22950/22950_5c805ac85328a.jpg"
Singing Sun 201901/22950/22950_5c805ac866107.jpg
Singing Sun 201901/22950/22950_5c805ac866107.jpg"

Project title

With over mass production, our planet faced huge environment problem these days. Therefore we need to be selective and take serious when produce some product. Our idea stared from here, we need to produce less but better. We tried to combine useful functions with new technology and sustainability. This object has two delightful functions, light and speaker which the most of people needs and loves. Besides, we will use less production process as possible to help the environment problem. A ceiling lamps modern design has inspired from shape of sun and functionality of Wifi/Bluetooth speaker which can easily control with your digital devices such as mobile phone or laptops. Singing sun is fully motivated to lift you up through its delightful function and design. The purpose of the product is to make my environment better by using sound and light. Light and sound are factors that make us more focused on the situation we are in. The materials and processing methods of this product have been set with sustainability in mind. We focused on making aluminum, an eco-friendly material, with minimal process. How to use Singing Sun can connect to your digital devices with the Wifi/Bluetooth function, you can easily adjust volume and power. - Product information - Size: Light 280*280*100mm, Speaker 80*80mm - Materials: LED, Anodized Aluminium, Speaker grill cloth

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    28 x 10 x 28
  • Product Materials
    Aluminum anodized


Tom 122주 전

actually i like the idea. there are many quality speakers with small size. i believe it's all about quality and technology matters. love this design, keep it going guys!

Cusmop German Design 122주 전

I agree with "jojobayern". And, seriously, the speaker is to small, the sound will be horrible ! I have worked for a big german speakers companies and I have no faith in this kind of product.

jojobayern 122주 전

I have a Heng Balance Lamp (by Allocacoc) to light my bedroom and I can't see anything. Your lamp has a light band half-sized compare to it, I can't trust it (sorry for my english, I'm from Germany)

Stefano Stimilli 123주 전


Saverio Ceci 123주 전

This is hell of a design lamp! I'd like to buy one asap!

Mike Knight 125주 전

 I love the design if you want a great lamp along with great sound this is the way to go!

Nguyen Hai 125주 전

Nice design 

SPACE IN 125주 전


Andrea Carletti 126주 전


Patrizia Muraioli 126주 전


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