Affordable early earthquake warning system, “Terra” is the companion that seamlessly blends into your home, providing you with information, guidance and reassu

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Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a92801d.jpg
Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a92801d.jpg"
Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a90ef3b.jpg
Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a90ef3b.jpg"
Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a8e3441.jpg
Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a8e3441.jpg"
Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a8c939f.jpg
Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a8c939f.jpg"
Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a8aca0c.jpg
Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a8aca0c.jpg"
Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a891c5b.jpg
Terra 201806/11646_5c8058a891c5b.jpg"

Team members:

Patrick Krassnitzer, Ferdinand Aichriedler, Manuel Hess

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    100mm x 100mm x 30mm
  • Product Materials
    injection molded, translucent plastics; PCB; LEDs; speakers; batteries


hawermurillo 183주 전

Good I communicate to know the value of the product and cost of the shipments.

김민준 185주 전

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