The 'Torta' portable charger is composed of 4 modules that can freely be detached or combined, depending on the needs of users.

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Torta 201807/12008_5c805902c1cff.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c805902c1cff.jpg"
Torta 201807/12008_5c805903a0f1b.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c805903a0f1b.jpg"
Torta 201807/12008_5c80590407bbf.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c80590407bbf.jpg"
Torta 201807/12008_5c8059038cdd2.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c8059038cdd2.jpg"
Torta 201807/12008_5c805903e4602.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c805903e4602.jpg"
Torta 201807/12008_5c805903732fb.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c805903732fb.jpg"
Torta 201807/12008_5c805903b82c8.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c805903b82c8.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c805903cecea.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c805903cecea.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c8059035735d.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c8059035735d.jpg"
Torta 201807/12008_5c8059033c6cc.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c8059033c6cc.jpg"
Torta 201807/12008_5c80590322747.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c80590322747.jpg"
Torta 201807/12008_5c8059030660a.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c8059030660a.jpg"
Torta 201807/12008_5c805902df987.jpg
Torta 201807/12008_5c805902df987.jpg"

Project title

Wallet, mobile phone, door key, and coins are my possessions in my pocket when I go out. I do not carry a power pack except for a special occasion because the whole bulk of power pack is inconvenient to carry out. I have tried to resolve that inconvenience. After due consideration, I got an idea from a cake cut in five pieces in a bakery, which is sold by the piece. Similarly, a mega battery can also be divided. So, users can have its separate units with them according to their need. That's why I have designed 'Torta', four-pieces of power pack.

Separable portable charger

The 'Torta' portable charger is composed of 4 modules that can freely be detached or combined, depending on the needs of users. That is, you can minimize its size according to your need. It is also interesting to see its shape converted. In addition, you can share the power pack with someone who needs his device charged immediately, as its first module can be operated individually. In the same way, it can charge two different devices at the same time.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
  • Product Materials
    ABS plastic


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