Unit Pen
Unit Pen

Users of Unit Pen can design a wide range of pens using only their own tastes and the units they need, not just a pen in a simple sense on the desk.

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Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac31cfe0.jpg
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac31cfe0.jpg"
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac33e171.jpg
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac33e171.jpg"
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac35e242.jpg
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac35e242.jpg"
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac383db4.jpg
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac383db4.jpg"
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac3a435b.jpg
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac3a435b.jpg"
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac3cc1d6.jpg
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac3cc1d6.jpg"
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac3ec833.jpg
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac3ec833.jpg"
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac41bdab.jpg
Unit Pen 201812/12592/12592_5c805ac41bdab.jpg"

Project title

Just like children assembling, disassembling and playing with toys like Lego, It's trying to provide a small amount of fun to choose and combine in a variety of cases. In this way, I want to talk about the concept of pen for user entertainment. Users expect to relieve stress in harsh life through acts of childhood, while stabilizing emotions and pursuing fun and entertaining.

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Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    1.2 x 1.2 x 13.5
  • Product Materials
    Plastic, Stainless steel, Magnet


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