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  • Y steam iron [portable]

    byY IRON Republic of Korea

Y steam iron [portable]
Y steam iron [portable]

These days,simple and minimal design is attract.So our design Is a portable steam iron that spreads wrinkles easily and quickly at the of a modern day

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Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/jCmZKlYS8rv3w202101041017241.jpg
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/jCmZKlYS8rv3w202101041017241.jpg"
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/OTf43Ge1FdSaW202101041017285.jpg
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/OTf43Ge1FdSaW202101041017285.jpg"
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/0h8swqbXR1uXW202101041018448.jpg
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/0h8swqbXR1uXW202101041018448.jpg"
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/VXsY1P5EB4Lp4202101041018498.jpg
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/VXsY1P5EB4Lp4202101041018498.jpg"
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/ZF1T868KESoE5202101041018547.jpg
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/ZF1T868KESoE5202101041018547.jpg"
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/yBrgNOSkOD5zH202101041019007.jpg
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/yBrgNOSkOD5zH202101041019007.jpg"
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/RlYgDcppswetx202101041019056.jpg
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/RlYgDcppswetx202101041019056.jpg"
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/AJvXAnkKAAd6N202101041019155.jpg
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/AJvXAnkKAAd6N202101041019155.jpg"
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/IPQmqDqGLkvM1202101041019288.jpg
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/IPQmqDqGLkvM1202101041019288.jpg"
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/S2PUKIcgT3LKt202101041019378.jpg
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/S2PUKIcgT3LKt202101041019378.jpg"
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/bMsQw5AiNMGUD202101060211207.jpg
Y steam iron [portable] 202101/36312/bMsQw5AiNMGUD202101060211207.jpg"

The reason for this design

Most irons are heavy and difficult to carry. However, clothes are often wrinkled in everyday life. To solve this problem, we made a steam iron that is portable and detachable. The method of use starts ironing by plugging in the first electric wire and pressing the button when the blue-green light stops. If the water, you can put it in the water bottle of the handle, and when you carry it, you can take it apart and put it in a pouch.

Attractive iron shape

Easy-to-hold handle shape. Iron pouch set. Portability. Three-stage separation.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions
    9 x 18 x 5
  • Product Materials


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